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Barn Activities While Quarantined

The Corona Virus has canceled everyone's plans and created a self distancing or self quarantine recommendation. So what is there to do? Here is a list of things we at AMP Eventing have created to do and highly recommend for all of our friends to do as well!!

1. Organize that tack room or tack trunk that has been stressing you out for months but always seemed to be placed on the backburner!

2. Teach your horse a new trick!

3. Pull that mane that has been annoying you for months!

4. Go for a bareback trail ride or hack around the ring!

5. Take this as an opportunity for a mid-season no-stirrup November (renamed social distancing your stirrups).

6. Give your pony a spa day! We are talking bath, fresh body clip, pulled and braided mane, the works!

7. Give your barn a spa day! Scrub water buckets, dust everything in sight, re-organize the tack room, clean the light fixtures, the works!

8. Deep clean your tack

9. Have a virtual contest to see who can tack their horse up the fastest

10. Take your horse out for a nice long graze/walk, take this time to show your horse how much you really appreciate them because at the end of all of this life will go back to the normal hectic schedule and your horse will be by your side and ready to hit the ground running. <3

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