Where Would I Be Without Them?

Current AMP Eventing Sponsors


Cambox Horse

I have loved Cambox since I purchased my first helmet camera back in 2016! I love Cambox because they are light weight, pleasing to the eye, and I adore their safety factor! Cambox has a one-of-a-kind design, the helmet camera attaches to velco under your helmet visor. I love this design because it is the safest way to wear a helmet camera as it does not interfere in anyway with your helmets ability to protect you! I am extremely confident on the cross-country course with Cambox because I know that if I fall it will in no way harm my head and that if anything happens on course, I can pull it off the Velcro and throw it to the side!

If you have any questions about Cambox shoot me a message and I would be more than happy to answer them all!! If you would like to purchase one be sure to use my code “AMP5” for 5% off your purchase!!!


Fun Bonnets

I am a stickler when it comes to bonnets on my horses because they can rub, irritate, or easily slide around your horses’ head. The customizability is one of the reasons I love Fun Bonnets! I not only love the customization of the size and shape of the bonnets, but also the fact that Fun Bonnets is a small business (as a small business owner myself I love when I can support any small businesses!) By purchasing a Fun Bonnet you are helping small businesses to grow! Fun bonnets are top quality at very affordable prices, head over to Fun Bonnet's Facebook to order one today!


Charles Owen 

I have been wearing Charles Owen helmets for over 6 years now and I would never get on a horse without one of my trusted Charles Owen helmets!!! Safety is my number one priority, and that is why I value my equipment so highly. I will only ride in the best possible equipment, and for me there is no doubt that Charles Owen is the absolute best in the business!!! With so many styles and models to choose from,Charles Owen has a helmet for everyone's style preferences!! Head over to today to order yours!!!

likit logo.png


All of my horses are completely attached to their LikIt toys in their stalls and in the trailer!!! My favorite thing about LikIt is that the toys keep them busy and out of trouble!!! We travel all over the country competing. That means extremely long hauls for the horses, and naturally they get bored resulting in them get into trouble!! Jax used to find it entertaining to bite a hole in the padding of his breast bar in the trailer and pull out all the stuffing!! But now with his LikIt toy, he never gets bored and always has something to do!! This results in him staying out of trouble!!! I also love them in the stalls to keep the horses occupied and happy!!! I highly recommend all of these products especially for the horses that get bored easily and quickly!!! Head over to to order treats and toys for your pony today!!!


Deco Pony

I have been an avid user of Deco Pony products for longer than I can remember!!! I would never use any other stall accessories for my horses!! Their stall guards, bridle/halter guards, nameplates, and wrap holders are revolutionary!!! One of my favorite things about them is they are extremely easy to clean off and they are completely customizable!!! Anything you want on them, Jenn can do!! Deco Pony not only sells incredible stall accessories, but also amazing show coats, bridles, blanket bags and SO MUCH MORE!!! Head over to to order today!! You will NOT be disappointed!!!



Where do I even start?! Farnam is a massive part of our program here at AMP Equestrian!!! From liniment, to shampoo, to hoof care, to tack cleaning, and more Farnam plays a role in every aspect of our team!!! I don’t know what I would do without any of my Farnam products, my tack would be dull, my horses legs wouldn’t feel fresh and brand new, their hooves would be a mess, the list goes on!!! My favorite thing about Farnam is they make products because they love our animals, and want to make them feel the best they possibly can and that is what matters most!! I can not put into words how much this company and their products mean to me and my entire team!! Head over to to order and try their products today!!! You will not be disappointed!

ecovet logo.png


Eco-Vet is an all-natural fly repellent that actually works!! Ever since I bought my first horse, I had been searching for a good fly spray that would give my horses relief from flies. It has taken me seventeen years, but I finally found the best fly spray and that is Eco-Vet!!! Eco-Vet stands by their formula, it has been tested and is approved by Veterinarians. AND if you do not like it - you get your money back!! Try it today - you will NOT be dissapointed!!! Use my code "PIERCE25" for 25% off your order!!!


AMP Eventing is currently accepting sponsorship and ownership applications!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for AMP Eventing please send us an email at We are also accepting applications from parties interested in becoming full, or partial owners of horses.